Client Profile  

Sonar Imaging is a leading provider of medical imaging services in Kenya. More than just offering radiology, pathology, and clinical laboratory services, Sonar prioritizes exceptional customer service, striving to create a smooth and efficient experience for every patient. This dedication to continuous improvement led them to implement the Q-SYS queue management system by RIANA Group in April 2023. 

The challenge: How Long Waiting Time Hurt Sonar Imaging`s Patient Experience  

With an average of 120 patients daily, Sonar faced the challenge to manage their patient flow effectively. Long wait times and concerns around transparency in the queuing process frustrated patients and staff, while the absence of data hindered efforts to optimize their resource allocation. To address these challenges, Sonar sought a solution that would assist in: 

Improving Customer Service:

Sonar recognized the importance of not only providing accurate diagnostics but also ensuring a positive overall experience for their patients. 

Queue Transparency and Minimal Wait Times:

They aimed to provide visibility into the queue status and reduce often lengthy waiting time.   

Optimizing Resources Through Data-Driven Insights: Sonar aimed to harness the power of data analytics to optimize resource allocation, ensuring that staffing levels and equipment usage were aligned with patient demand. 

Q-SYS to the Rescue: Sonar Imaging’s Secret Weapon for Efficiency 

In April 2023, Sonar Imaging took a significant step forward by implementing the Q-SYS queue management system, developed by the RIANA Group. Our advanced solution offered a comprehensive solution to the challenges they faced, empowering them to revolutionize their approach to patient care. The key features implemented were:  

Automated check-in: Streamlines patient registration, reducing wait times at the reception area. 

Digital signage: Provides real-time queue status updates for improved transparency. 

Data analytics: Captures valuable data on patient flow, allowing for informed resource allocation decisions.


The Results: Happy Patients, Happy Staff 

Since implementing the Q-SYS system, Sonar Imaging has witnessed a significant improvement in their patient experience and operational efficiency. Let’s explore the specific results: 

Enhanced Patient Satisfaction:

With real-time visibility into the queue status, patients experienced reduced wait times and greater transparency regarding their appointments. This improvement in service quality significantly enhanced patient satisfaction and loyalty. 

Streamlined Operations: By leveraging data-driven insights provided by the Q-SYS system, Sonar Imaging was able to optimize the way they allocated resources, leading to cost savings and improved operational efficiency. Staff productivity increased as workflows became more streamlined, allowing for better utilization of time and resources. 

Improved Patient Experience:

The seamless integration of the Q-SYS system into Sonar’s operations resulted in a marked improvement in the overall patient experience. From seamless check-in and diagnostics, each step of the patient journey was optimized for efficiency and convenience. 


Word From the Client 

“It’s now 2 months since installing Q-SYS system and it has helped us to significantly improve patient handling at our front office, reduced complaints of being skipped in the queue as well as bought a lot of order in patient management” – Nick Musyoka – Commercial Director, Sonar Imaging. 

By The Numbers 

Sonar Imaging, situated in Nairobi, serves an average footfall of 120 patients daily whose patient journey has been enhanced thanks to Q-SYS Queue Management System. 


Sonar Imaging’s commitment to streamlined care has demonstrably paid off. By tackling challenges like long wait times and strain in transparency, Sonar Imaging fostered a more positive and efficient environment for both patients and staff. 

The results speak for themselves: improved patient satisfaction, streamlined operations, and optimized resource allocation. This case study serves as a shining example of how technology, when strategically applied, can aid in healthcare delivery. With the Q-SYS system firmly in place, Sonar Imaging is well-positioned to continue delivering exceptional care while setting the benchmark for efficient and patient-centric medical services.

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