Smart queue management systems are the way of the future, and technological innovations are being put to work in a bid to optimize queues. Organizations are under pressure to develop mechanisms to improve efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction. This article explores how technology can improve queue management for organizations.

Discussed below are major ways that the implementation of sophisticated technology impacts the queuing process:

Manage customer expectations

When your customers must wait for their turn to be served, it can be difficult for a single customer to know how many others are ahead or behind them in the queue. After a certain amount of waiting, it’s easy to assume that everyone is ahead of them or even that people who arrived later have been allowed to go first. This is not good as it creates a bad experience for your customers.

A customer’s perception of their wait is far more important than the reality of their wait, and technology can help tremendously in ensuring this does not happen. For instance, a queue manager can rely on modules such as digital signage to inform customers of their wait time as they enter a queue and move through it. However, the actual wait itself can be driven down through the help of such technologies. This is based on the fact that known wait times feel shorter than unknown wait times. 

Improve the teams productivity

Queue management systems have been proven to help organizations get the most value from their service teams. Such solutions can improve service teams’ productivity in businesses, cashiers’ in financial institutions, and medical practitioners in health facilities while reducing operational costs. 

When technology is used appropriately to manage queues at the head of the line, customers can be notified of their turn more efficiently through text messages or the digital signage with little to no downtime for the service teams. More importantly, managers can monitor the productivity of the key staff members, ensuring that no back-ups occur unnecessarily. 

The teams who are serving the customers have visibility on the number of people that are waiting, the time that they have been waiting for. The system also provides real time alerts when the number of people waiting for a service exceeds the threshold the same notification is also generated when the waiting time and serving time is exceeded.. 

Enhance customer experience

Waiting lines are all about the customer – at least, they should be. Suppose a customer’s time in a waiting line doesn’t make up the crux of their experience with a business. In that case, it’s the cherry on their overall experience with a business, particularly in hospitals, finance or retail environments, where the line is the last encounter a customer will have before making up their mind about their overall experience with that particular organization. 

Technology is changing the way customers wait in line. Many businesses opt for queue management technologies that eliminate or reduce the actual waiting line. This allows their clients to focus on other things as they wait for their turn to be served. The clients will then receive text alerts about when their turn in line is imminent, improving their experience interacting with your organization or business.

Business intelligence for management teams 

Technology provides critical metrics, such as real-time monitoring to managers to help them understand what is happening in a queue. Management teams can track aspects of queue management instantaneously and make appropriate decisions to ensure things are in order. For example, they can know if customers have to wait for long periods to be served, if queue volume suddenly shifts, if agents’ productivity is in question, or if any mishaps occur within a line that could affect overall customer satisfaction. Alerts can be delivered via text, or email so that alterations can be made immediately.


Technology, which is the answer to so many things in our modern society, is clearly one of the reasons why some businesses excel in queue management and others do not. Implementing the Q-SYS Queue Management System and Customer Experience (CX) solution can give your customers something new to appreciate. Improving queues enhances the customer’s experience while improving your team’s overall productivity. When everyone’s life is made easier, businesses can focus on what truly matters — their customer service. Contact us for more information.

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