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Every successful venture starts off with a challenge, and ours was leveraging data and analytics to enhance customer experiences. In 2017, RIANA Group birthed Q-SYS in Kenya with a mission to transform how African organizations deliver exceptional customer experiences. Today, our offerings go far beyond our flagship product, the Queue Management System, we now provide data-driven solutions through the customer Experience Portal and Centralized Digital Signage solution.  



At the heart of our solutions lies a robust, data-driven ecosystem, carefully designed to manage, engage and delight customers at every touchpoint in their customer journey. This holistic approach has enabled more than 100 organizations across Africa to gain critical customer insights and transform their service to meet and exceed their customer expectations. 


At Q-SYS, we are all about the CUSTOMER, we firmly believe that exceptional customer experiences are the cornerstone of any successful business. With this philosophy guiding our every endeavor, we embarked and are still on the journey to transform the way African organizations connect with their customers. Our story is not just about Q-SYS; it’s about the businesses we empower, the customers we serve, and the impact we make. Join us to shape the future of customer experiences in Africa. 

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