An effective customer experience (CX) program can enable organizations to identify critical customer issues, enhance complaint management, reduce churn, and increase customer loyalty. But have you considered how customer experience insights might also give rise to ideas for new products or services? How about repositioning your brand? Well, we shall look at ways in which an effective CX program can facilitate business growth.

Identify ideas for new products and services.

Developing products and services often starts with research to explore customers’ reaction to concepts. But customer comments from a CX program may also provide this information. The resulting ideas can be subjected to further qualitative research and developed into new products or offerings, resulting in new business lines.

Understand unique customer segments

A detailed understanding of patterns in customer behavior may lead to new and different ways of engaging customers while instilling customer loyalty. The analysis of insights gained from a CX program can help organizations identify different customer segments. This segmentation enables them to offer custom solutions to the various customer segments, increasing customer satisfaction.

Increase awareness of products and services

Customer experience data provides information on how customers learned of a brand or highlight gaps in product/ service awareness. When put together, this information can help organizations to advertise and promote their businesses more effectively.

Refine the brand position

Insights from CX programs allows organization to examine customers’ perspectives of what makes a brand unique. This data is critical in identifying opportunities to refine a business’s unique value proposition and brand promise.


While CX insights may not address all of these needs directly, it’s a great starting point. The important thing is to stay open and alert to new and emerging information from customers. The Q-SYS Customer Experience (CX)Portal is a great solution to help organizations achieve this affordably.

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