While customers are waiting in queues, they mostly have little else to do apart from, well, wait. And for the new-gen customers who thrive on instant gratification, waiting is frustrating – be it in banks, retail stores, government offices, or other outlets in the service industry.

Here’s where queue management systems that utilize Digital Signage play an important role by reducing the perceived waiting time and customer impatience, and subsequently enhancing the overall customer experience.

In addition to the simple play on the customer psyche by employing visual engagement to reduce perceived wait time, digital signage also offers other benefits for consumers and organizations and facilitate a positive transaction experience:

1. Informs Customers

Digital signage improves customer experience by relaying relevant information through visual display. These could be related to the queue status and counter availability, product or service features, promotional offers, public awareness information or other content.

The content can be customized according to the industry – for example, retail stores display products that result in impulse buys. Banks and government offices can display updated guidelines to ensure customers/users are in the right queues with the right documents.

2. Engages and Entertains

Digital signage enables organizations to broadcast programs that engage and entertain customers, thereby reducing the perceived wait time. Customers waiting in a queue are the ideal attentive audience, ready to watch and absorb visual content.

Visual entertainment – travel programs, documentaries, content relevant to the particular industry or business, etc. are usually apt to keep customers occupied and dim the impact of the queue length and the monotony of waiting.

3. Allows Organizations to Advertise

Awareness creation about products, brand, brand value, etc. is the first step to enhancing revenue and business. Digital signage is the perfect platform for businesses to create this awareness.

Organizations can leverage the idle eyes of waiting consumers and display product-related information that can help in up-selling and cross-selling. Other relevant information about the organization such as inception, core values, vision, etc. can be displayed to create a deeper connect with customers.

4. Improves Employee Efficiency

Customers are aware about their queue status and counter availability through display screens hence they do not need to approach employees to address these queries. Displaying counter information and ticketing status streamlines queues and allows service counter staff to focus on their core tasks.

By checking interruptions and distractions, employees at the counter are able to offer quality customer service, faster. Employees who can focus on the core task at hand are less perturbed and more likely to engage in a pleasant exchange with waiting customers.

Considering the multiple benefits of a queue management system with digital signage, isn’t it time to make the switch now?

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